Saturday, June 28, 2008

Is that a wolf in sheep's clothing?

Ok, I know I said I was off but, I had to pass this along...
This week several people I know were all abuzz about the book "The Shack". I was tempted to buy it b/c I like christian fiction and so many people absolutely loved this book and said it was life-changing...who doesn't want to read a life-changing christian book?! It is interesting that this morning I came across this video clip on a friend's blog.
We like and respect Mark Driscoll...he is a conservative theological pastor in the North West.
Now, I haven't read the book and so I cannot offer my opinion of it but I was reminded that we as Christians need to be wise in what we read and be aware of people and things that are "wolves in sheep's clothing". The truth can be so easily distorted. Here is an excerpt from a sermon talking about the book.

Here is the full article in USA Today

I'm back...and I'm off again...

Wow!! My brain is on overload!! I just returned from The Association of Classical & Christian Schools annual conference in Austin. Two very full days of plenary sessions and workshops. There was so much "good stuff" that I now need to process through...and of course, implement in my home as well as my classroom in the fall. I gained a better understanding of what "classical christian" means and it certainly resonates with my heart.
Beside gaining information the trip was also a great bonding time with the other teachers of CHS. I was a bit timid about going since my friend/roommate was unable to go at the last minute. I knew everyone that went with the exception of 2 new teachers so there was no reason to be timid! I knew this somewhat before but now I am even more impressed with the fact that we have very intelligent, passionate, godly teachers and I'm honored to be part of that group. We had tons of laughs as we talked and talked...and ate and ate!! The "Cheesecake Factory" was within walking distance of the hotel, as were several other great restaurants.
I could write a bunch more and maybe will next week...right now I need to get ready to go to Granbury/Glen Rose. We are leaving this afternoon and will be back on Monday sometime. We are going to say goodbye to friends who are leaving to plant a church in Phoenix. We will miss the Thomas family. Although we only see them periodically, our hearts are united through Christ and we consider them dear friends. We will spend a few nights at the condo with my parents and children...oh how I miss my children! Tears are pricking my eyes as I write that!! I can't wait to see them...this time away (although short) has been just what I have gain clarity and see how I have just gotten into an undisciplined rut!! My husband and children have been negatively affected by it too!! Ok, I'm off...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

No Air Conditioning?

When I woke up this morning the thermostat read 80 degrees. I turned the unit off and called Alco Air and Calixto. They charge an overtime rate of $125 and then the cost of fixing the problem. While I waited for him to arrive I took the filters out...yes we have 2 filters...that information was news to me...and to the AC man that serviced the unit last summer...b/c he didn't change it...needless to say the filter was "full". After a few minutes the house started to cool down...yay! I called the very nice AC man back and asked him to come next week to service the unit instead of coming today. Hopefully, the air will continue to work throughout the weekend. My sister-in-law, nephew and a friend should be here tonight sometime and I'm sure they don't want to be in Texas weather w/o AC.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

"Please, I want to come home"

The phone rang after 10:30 last was Christopher...wanting to come home! He was crying and begging us to come pick him up...poor guy! I felt so badly for him-of course I wanted to jump in the car and go rescue him right then! But, I didn't-nor will I...I'm sure this morning he will have a new perspective and will be fine, I hope! Since he has a while yet to stay there! I thought he was a little too quick to say he wanted to go, I asked him about missing VBS and his good friend-Brady's b'day party and he told me it was ok he wanted to go anyway.
I can't fault him too much b/c he is just like ME! I remember hating to sleep over friend's houses and rarely did it. One time I slept over my g'parents house and sat in the bathtub and cried and cried...I heard a knock at the door and my Dad's voice...He came-rescued me and took me home! Christopher is so grown up at times but, this shows he is still a little little boy!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

No bargain at the bargain store!

I forgot to mention the New Gate Bargain Center priced the leather love seat that we wanted for $599!!! Needless to say it was no bargain and we didn't purchase it! Bummer! I don't know what I was thinking...that they would sell an $800 (+) piece of furniture for $99?!
Their sign says they sell their clothes at 99 cents "all the time"...they must mark everything else up to compensate for that!


What a cutie!
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A quick over night visit

My parents, a friend of theirs, a niece and nephew arrived last night around 7:30pm to spend the night before heading to Oklahoma this morning. (they left NJ of Monday morning) The kids could not wait for them to arrive and were so excited when they heard the moving van pull onto our street! Here is Cat with my brother's youngest daughter-Cheyenne. They are 2 years apart but, their b'days are only 3 days apart...they were like 2 long lost was fun to watch them play together.
The plan was that they would sleep together with Mom-mom in Christopher's bed...but, they could not calm down and stop playing long enough to go to sleep... so I ended up taking Cat into our room to sleep on the floor...she was asleep within seconds of laying down!!
Here is Wade-my brother's youngest son-he is about a year and a half older than Christopher. Their looks are so opposite! Their need of orthodontic work sure is the same though!!
The boys slept on the living room floor and didn't play around too much...we didn't go to bed until almost 11 so everyone was quite tired! This morning they weren't ready to say goodbye to each other just yet so, Christopher begged to go to Oklahoma with them...Daddy finally gave the ok and we quickly threw clothes into a bag and off he went! He'll end up being there through the end of the month! My non-adventurous son is on a 2 week adventure!
My sister-in-law and my nephew Cody will be here on Saturday for a quick visit before heading to Oklahoma. At that time she'll take Cat up to my parents since I have a conference to go to in Austin next week. That will give her some more time to be with Cheyenne. I love to see them connect with their cousins...we don't get to see them very often and I really want them to have those relationships throughout life.
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Saturday, June 14, 2008

More this and that

My garden was looking so nice, growing incredibly fast...until...the worm!! Some sort of worm has gotten into the stalk part of all the pumpkins, zuchinni and cucumbers! As I mentioned earlier (I think) I sprayed with a pesticide but, I think the damage is done and I will lose all my vegetables. I feel like Jonah-cursing the worm that ate the vine that provided shade! I'll bet it was the same worm! Anyway, when I went out to check the garden this morning-I saw the one zuchinni that had actually formed is now all shriveled up! Who knew that the plants could look healthy one day and dead the next...ok, farmers and gardeners know...apparantly not me! So far it looks like the tomatoes are doing well-there are several green ones on the vine ripening. I guess I'll have to go to the Farmer's Market to get some good veggies this summer.
Friday I went to the NewGate mission store-it's like goodwill but the proceeds go to a mission funded by the Methodist church. They have a brand new over sized leather chair that matches the chair we already have in the LR. I was so excited about this find-we've been looking for something like that for the office. Unfortunately they have not priced it yet and it won't be until Monday morning. I have no clue how much they'll ask for it but, I'm hoping to be there when they open to pick it up if it isn't too expensive!
It rained this morning which will prevent Calixto from getting a lot of work accomplished today. Christopher had soccer practice as scheduled-I was surprised at that! He'll come home with soaked and stinky shoes and socks. He needed the rigerous exercise though so I'm glad they didn't cancel!
Last night we gave Calixto his Father's day present early-it is a large cross that holds 5 5x7 pictures. I put in all black and white photos of the kids and him with the kids. I love the way it turned out and he thought it was the best present ever! The only thing is I'm not in any of the pictures-I just couldn't find one that worked well-so he kind of looks like a single dad! This afternoon we are off to Dallas to visit with his family. Which means I need to get Cat into the bath to do her hair-it's going to take forever since I haven't combed it all week!

Friday, June 13, 2008

A year ago today...

...we were birthing puppies

(Risky is in there somewhere)
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The next Lance Armstrong...the female version...

I took Cat's training wheels off last night...and she was off...riding around and around the circle (our neighborhood) with her friend Kaleigh. And she was going fast!
I can't believe how quickly she caught on to the whole 2 wheel thing. (She did ride w/o training wheels back in December) She jumped on...had a little trouble getting the pedals started but when she got it she got it! Sometimes she just blows me away with the things she is able to do!
Calixto lamented that she didn't allow him the fatherly pleasure of holding her bike steady as she tried to balance and ride down the street!
Here is a video of her getting started...

It really was not midnight when we filmed this!! The video is showing up a lot darker than on my camera. Sorry, it isn't so clear!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Learning to learn from him!

"Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light."
Matthew 11:28-30

God is Able!

Do you ever just grieve over the state of other people's circumstances? I get so overwhelmed at times as I pray for or even think about people who seem to be in long-enduring hardships. I get very defeated which in turn keeps me from actually praying for them...then I find it easy to forget God's power, his sovereignty (that spelling looks wrong!) and his compassion. I lose hope so quickly! Lately, I've been in this defeated state over things in my life as well as other's lives. Today though I received some incredible news!!! God actually did change the heart of a man and turned a very difficult situation around for a dear family. I knew it "could" happen but, it has gone on for so long that it became easy to think he "wouldn't" change it.
I really needed that bit of encouragement...the family involved needed it a million times more...but, I so appreciate that God showed me that He is able-that He will do what he has promised and his word is Truth! I am so thankful that God is at work in all our lives-as believers-and he will continue that work until the day of Christ Jesus!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A beautiful bathroom!

I forgot to mention that I painted our bathroom-finally! The color isn't exactly what I had envisioned but, I like it! It looks so crisp and clean! (It is a light torquoise) Now I need to paint the bead board white-that will really make the color on the wall pop! I'm not looking forward to painting the board I'm afraid I'll mess it up-I had such a hard time just putting the primer on. Maybe I can get that done tomorrow - if I'm brave enough!
I'll post pix once I get it all completed.


Today I had another "killer" headache! After going to the eye Doctor-the library-Wal-mart and the bank I was done for. I took a nap on the couch after our errands were complete, I was surprised at how quickly I fell asleep. I was awakened by the sound of harsh knocking I got up dazed and went from door to door looking for someone but found no one. So...I'm not sure if I imagined it or if the person left quickly after knocking so rudely! Oh well! My headache did get better after the nap, ibuprofen and a nice cold Coke!
Cat's vision therapy is going well and she has made some very significant progress! Angela-one of the Dr's assistants commented on how well behaved she is and how much self-control she has!! Wow, that was wonderful to hear! She also said that kids with the degree of vision problem she has are usually bouncing off the walls and are very out of control. What a blessing to hear that praise this morning. Cat is a very special little girl!!
Summer is plugging along-We still haven't decided whether to buy the pool-I really hope we do...I want it more than the kids! There wasn't too much picking on or arguing and the kids actually played Mario Cart for a while this evening and enjoyed their time together-yet another blessing today!
I found that ALL of my large pumpkin plants are dying!! they have some sort of worm eating the stems of the plants...I was so mad about those silly worms! I ditched the whole organic idea, headed straight to Lowes and bought bug killer! I hope the plants are salvageable. (Sorry Stephanie I think I must now keep the plant I've had sitting on my porch to give to you).
Well, it is 9:00 Calixto just got home and I need to get his dinner heated up!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cucumber or zuchinni??

The first "fruit" of our gardening labor! A mutant cucumber...well, it's just an over grown cucumber! Somehow we didn't see this lurking behind the big leaves! Now we are taking better notice of what might be growing out of sight!
We enjoyed it with dinner last night, it was still good even though it was over grown! Catherine does not normally eat cucumbers but she ate a few slices of the fresh one and liked it. MMM!
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This and That

Wow, it's been over a week since I posted anything!
Let's see...It is summertime and the kids need constant direction or arguing ensues! I haven't been as organized with them as I would have liked but it is going ok...we had planned on swimming but the weather is rainy. The rain is good and the temps are down so I'm not complaining! Maybe we'll head to the 50 cent movies this afternoon to see Nim's Island.
This weekend I had another garage sale at Dana's house with Stephanie...traffic was very slow! We had planned on just a Fri sale but held over Sat morn too. Unfortunately there was too much going on this weekend and we didn't fair so well...I didn't even break the $100 mark. But, hey that is money I didn't have before! And now the junk is gone! We could actually park the car in the garage...what a novel idea that is!!
Last week was pretty busy, as I received a phone call that could potentially change our lives...and I spent lots of time making phone calls getting good sound wisdom. I'll explain once all is resolved and settled over the matter. The kids, of course, took advantage of my phone talking to watch tv!!
On Sunday we made an unannounced, secret visit to Crossroads! The kids didn't know until we made a turn toward the church. They were so excited about being there. We had lunch with the Walter's which is always such a treat...we miss our Crossroads family! Lately, I've been seeing a lot of them and that has been wonderful!!
Yesterday, I thought I would buy a pool for the kids with my garage sale proceeds...I found one at Walmart-the price was good until I realized it was in the wrong place the actual price was $100 more-bummer! We went out later with Calixto to see if it is worth spending the money...we left empty handed and will think about it a little more! The kids were disappointed but, they handled it ok-no grumpiness anyway! I would love to get it...I think if we don't the kids are going to work with their dad at least 4 days a week!!!
My sister got married on Thur afternoon...weird time I know but, they just went before a judge and then took pictures at an old historic farmhouse. I have only spoken with my sister once since the fall when she told me about the man she was dating. I expressed my concern about the relationship and so she didn't call again! I called her Thur morning and we had a pretty heated discussion but then she finally dropped her defenses and I prayed for her on the phone, by the end she was teary. I really pray that this marriage works...he is a brand new Christian and they have 8 kids between them...lots of potential for problems! It is funny how very different we are-hard to believe we are even related?! Although, as we have gotten older people think we look more alike...I'm still not sure about that though.
My parents move from NJ to Oklahoma next week! wow! They will only be 4 hours away...that means summer vacation at the g'parents for the kids!!
Ok, I've got to get my sleepy headed son up from bed...I don't let him sleep later than 8:30 and it is already past that!!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Garage sale results

The garage sale went well on Saturday...I made $285 (I counted wrong the 1st time?!) and someone is buying the oak desk for $40...making my total $325! Not too bad for my first time. The great thing is we are rid of some junk-now that feels wonderful! We sold all of the big stuff except a cedar chest and the jogging stroller...both very nice so I was surprised when they didn't sell.
Dana (thank you!) came and helped as well as my friend/neighbor Julie and a friend of hers, oh yeah, another friend brought a few items too. So, everyone made some money! It was very hot and tiring but, all in all the day was good! The kids had a blast playing in the yard with friends the entire day!
Stephanie and I are going to do it again this Friday. The nice thing is all I have to do is pull out the boxes and I'm set. I will go through the house and pick things that I hadn't found is so very freeing to get rid of unused junk that other people can enjoy as treasures!
Now...what to do with the proceeds...hmmm?! My next project paint the bathroom.