Wednesday, June 03, 2009


My mom and dad came down from Oklahoma for Thanksgiving. What is most memorable to me is that this was my first week off from work and I loved it! We started off the week with a soccer tournament in Lewisville and it was cold!! we stayed at a great hotel-our room was a suite and we had a blast!! After the tournament I drove to Okla. left the kids with my parents and headed home.

That week, I had a spot compression mammogram...ok, that hurts!! The regular mammo is ok, but the spot comopression...oh my!! I ahd the extra test because there was problem with my original test. Praise the Lord that everything was ok!!
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School time fun

Here is Cat and a few classmates posing after casting their votes. We set up a little polling place, complete with a private booth and an official checking their records at the door. The kids loved it and felt very grown-up! By the way McCain won by a large margin!!
Next came our annual Thanksgiving celebration. The kids made some kind of popcorn treat, shaped it like an ear of corn and then chowed down!
My mom made indian outfits for both kids...they looked great! Here is "Squanto" the female version! Our kindergartners performed a little play for everyone. Catherine...I mean Squanto had the line "Your corn will grow better with this" as she held out a fish for the Pilgrims.
My mom also made me a totally cool Pilgrim outfit...unfortunately I could not fit into it...the bodice was soooo tight. Fortunately the other K teacher had an extra dress that I could wear so it worked out OK.
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Curious George's visit

In November Curious George came to our house for a weekend visit. Here is Cat with daddy and George by our bon-fire, waiting for the hotdogs to cook.
George didn't get into trouble during the night...he slept soundly by Cat's side
The next morning George joined us for church...I think they both listened somewhat intently!
But, being true to his name...he was rather curious about somethings at Wal-mart...we have plenty of other pictures of him getting into other trouble as well...Cat was a good girl and helped him learn a little self-government!!
I think she has the Mommy look and finger pointing down!!
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In the Fall Calixto and I took off for a weekend to Austin. We went to 2 conferences in 1 weekend. The first was "Desiring God's" regional conference which was about the suffering of the Righteous. Then, we went to a missions conference, entitled "A Purpose Driven Death"...quite heavy topics!! The speakers were incredible and we got a photo op and face time with John Piper! Such a humble man of God!
It was a nice get-away and we even found a delicious Thai restaurant which we absolutely loved!!
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I guess I'll pick up where I left off...back in October '08...Here we are at Roadhouse celebrating Christopher's 11th birthday!

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