Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Quick update...
Can anyone tell me how I can give my posts a title. On our other blog it has space for you to type a title...but, not on this blog...can anyone tell me how to add that?
On the house...
We went to the mortgage company yesterday and are pre-approved for a loan. Matt Almeter went to the house for a preliminary "look", he really liked the house and thought it was definitely a blessing from God! While at the house we met the neighbors next door. A very nice Christian couple (the wife is having double by-pass surgery on Monday), he said we'd have the best neighbors if we end up buying it! Of course we told him he would as well! The owners have a survey of the land that we can use, a savings of some money for us! Next step I believe is to have a home inspection done and a contract drawn up from the Title company. I pick up the appraisal for our house today. Do you know anyone that wants to live close to LeTourneau? Send them our way. We will advertise at LU first and hopefully will find a buyer there. We want to be careful to keep the integrity of the neighborhood. We do have another lead and will call her today. Wow, things are moving quickly but then things will pause while we are away for a week.
On our trip...
We leave for Minneapolis on Fri for Desiring God's annual conference. This year the title is "The Supremacy of Christ in a post modern world". We are so excited to go and just soak up God's word and hear from some pretty knowledgeable men. On Sunday morning, the whole orchestra from John Piper's church comes and it is simply incredible! Sunday afternoon we head to South Dakota to visit our dear friends, Toni and James Swanson. We'll spend a few days with them and then return to Minn. for some much needed rest, relaxation and prayer time!!
We would love it, if you prayed for us in the whole matter of the house...thanks!
This is an article from Good House Keeping 1955. I hope you are able to enlarge it and read it. Sounds pretty good although some of it...maybe...goes too far...what do you think? The essence of the article is good and probably is not unlike Dr. Laura's book "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands". I have heard it is an excellent book, I have been unable to get it from the library for the last 2 months. One copy is obviously mis-shelved and the other is long over due! I'll try again today in order to read it during our trip to Minneapolis.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Well, Calixto and Pastor Candido had a great and busy week in NJ! They were able to share with several Hispanic families in Atlantic City. They cooked an authentic Mexican meal for about 30 people at church. Candido sang and preached 2 Sunday morning services, I think he preached 2 different messages too. They both enjoyed there time but came home exhausted. They got home Tues afternoon and left early this morning for the border, they are probably there now, saying goodbye. I am sure Candido has lots of stories to share with his family and church. I know he was anxious to get back home...2 weeks is a long time to be away, especially with little contact by phone during that time. He is going home with a cold and a tooth ache, pray for healing and pain relief for him. And if you think of it pray for Calixto tomorrow as he will be driving back to Longview by himself...hopefully, he'll get a good nights rest tonight before heading out early in the morning.
No soccer practice tonight...due to potential bad weather...tornado warning is in effect until late tonight. I won't tell Christopher that...he is always concerned about tornados when it gets a little windy or cloudy.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Ok, I am trying to set up our own family blog...let's see if I can get it done correctly?!
Calixto is in NJ with Pastor Candido visiting the church there and staying with my family...w/o me! It hasn't been very nice fall weather for his visit far only grey days!
Everyday, Catherine tells me she misses Daddy and then asks if I miss him too...of course I tell her that I do! He'll be back on Tues night, just in time for my 30th...again!