Friday, November 30, 2007

The Tigers are off to Dallas today! Earlier in the month Christopher and his team won 1st place for the 3rd season in a row! Now they get to go to the Tournament of the Champions to compete against other North Texas teams! There will be over 60 teams competing in his age group...this is a huge thing! Tomorrow we play Allen, Arlington and Lake Highlands. If we win those we advance to the 2nd day of the tournament. It should be a very busy weekend...hopefully the rain holds off until after the game!
Go Tigers!

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Monday, November 26, 2007

We are back!!! I have not blogged or been reading any blogs for the past 2 months. This is partly to do our busy-ness and partly due to our traveling and partly due to the fact that I so easily get sucked into reading blogs for hours! Anyway, I am finally updating our site...hopefully, someone still looks at it!!
Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Christopher's school had the entire week off which was really nice. The first part of the vacation we went to Granbury/Glen Rose. A friend of ours holds an annual conference for Pastors which Calixto attended on Saturday. We had great visits with our friends in that area. While there we were also able to attend a memorial service for one of the birth mothers that was at Hannah House the same time as Catherine's birth mother. She had recently been diagnosed with Leukemia and passed away a few weeks ago at the age of 24! We were glad to be able to be there for that service. Then on Thursday we turned around and drove to Dallas to spend the holiday with Calixto's family. The last Thanksgiving we spent there "Mama" (Calixto's g'mother) was still with us, we all missed her. Christopher recited Psalm 100 before dinner in honor of her!
Here are some pix from Christopher's Thanksgiving fest at school...
Christopher wore this Indian costume to school when he was in 1st must have been super big on him then! The mocassins I made back then were way to small so I made some new ones this year. He said Indians didn't smile for pictures, thus his serious look!
As part of the festivities the kids made butter by shaking a baby food jar with heavy cream and a marble inside. Catherine loved this and was so proud of her butter. In fact we still have some of it in the fridge.
After they made butter they enjoyed the fruit of their labor on corn muffins.
This was our first Thanksgiving fest since 1st grade since we were in Mexico last year and we homeschooled the fall semester the year before. The kids had a lot of fun!
ok, more updates to come...
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