Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ok, I am so overdue for an update to this blog!!
Let's see...Last week Catherine went to VBS at 1st Baptist Liberty City all by herself and absolutely loved it! She was so excited everyday and was sad it when it was over. I must say that I felt like an un-churched mom dropping my kid off at bible school for something to do (well that's what I thought people might be thinking). One day Calixto took her early b/c Arce Landscaping was putting down sod at the church, Catherine just played nearby until it was time to start. One of her teachers saw her out there as she pulled up, thought I had just dropped her off early and she was hangin' out with a bunch of Mexican grass guys, she went right over and took her into the church...not knowing of course that Calixto is her father...I got a giggle out of that!! Anyway, Cat made a lot of friends and the teachers said she did a great job, I was every proud of her. Christopher wasn't ready to jump into a new situation w/o knowing anyone, fortunately for him he had soccer camp (where he did know a few kids) the same week. We did Lobo camp this year and he loved it. The highschool coach worked with his age group and he learned some new foot work. He is also playing indoor soccer for the next several weeks, on Sat they lost their first game as the last 2 outdoor seasons they have been undefeated. Indoor has quite a different feel than outdoor so it will take some getting used to. He played goalie half of the game and did great, he has quick reflexes. He was pretty down on himself since he let 3 goals in though, he even cried a bit later on when I told him how good he did...he wouldn't believe me!
This week Christopher is doing a basketball camp at LeTourneau, it is only an hour each night and was pretty inexpensive. He has learned so much, I've been very impressed. The Yellowjackets (LU's team) coach heads this up and is pretty tough on the fooling around with him. He told them if they didn't listen they would do push-ups, the first night someone wasn't listening so the group did push-ups. They haven't had to do that again!!
I started working out with a friend at LU. We were going to join the Courthouse for the summer to take advantage of the pool as well as the work out facility but, we decided against it, good thing with all the rain we've had we would never have been able to use the pool! LeTourneau is closer so I believe I'll use it more and it always helps to have a work out partner!
The puppies are now 16 days old, they are beginning to walk and several have their eyes open. It is so cute to watch them play with each other, that is a new development too. They have grown like crazy and are so adorably cute!! I took Chessie to the vet once again yesterday. She is losing all her hair, it is called "blowout" Mama dogs get this a lot. It is just takes so much out of her to feed all those puppies, it takes a toll on her body. She also has an ear infection. Poor babe, I'll never let her have puppies again...I feel terrible for putting her through this!! Again, if you're local, give us a call and come see the pups!
Calixto's business is going extremely well, he is very busy! We are waiting to hear back on a big contract...we may know by today...that will be very beneficial! He has lost about 20 lbs since leaving his cush desk job! He is so slim and looks great! He put down new grass in our front yard and has begun to take out some of the old landscaping around the house. This will be a slow project due to the rain and his tiredness when he gets home...ok, this is long and I must feed Chessie, and the kids too of course!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

I'm not sure why but some people can not see the pictures of the puppies. Here are some more...maybe this will work. The puppies are 4 days old in this picture. They are growing so quickly it is incredible. I think they are all 1 lb. and a little over for some of them. I can't wait for their eyes to open! Isn't it funny to see the one little chocolate one?!

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sad news! We lost a puppy tonight! The first one born (chocolate male), died just a few minutes ago. Julie came over to help me nurse it back to health, her sister-in-law came over too but, nothing could save it. Felicia assured me that with a big litter it is common to have some die. We only had two chocolates too so that is a bummer. All the other pups are looking good and acting fine so hopefully, we will only have this one loss. This one was one of the smallest in the bunch, he weighed 12.5 oz and the biggest one weighs 16 oz. Mind you these are rough weights b/c it was really difficult to keep them still on the scale. I used a frisbee on a food scale to weigh them, a few were a extremely squirmy! Ok, I'm tired and sad...think I'll go to bed now!
Ok, after some technical difficulties here are a few photos of the puppies. Sorry some are blurry. Julie took some earlier on while she was still giving birth but I haven't gotten them yet. These were taken around 8:30 last night. The pups are just soooo cute! New life is exciting!

Stop over and see the puppies sometime!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

3 babies and 10 puppies!!
Congratulations to the Crowes on their new little boy, born a little over a week ago and to the Forringers on their little guy, born yesterday and to the Nines who had a baby girl this morning. Here are the stats from Jeff:
"We just had our second beautiful daughter.... she's the cutest little thing you ever saw.
Name: Makenna Leigh Nine
Weight: 9 lbs. 9 oz.
Length: 22.5 in
Date / Time: June 12, 2007 - 12:30a
For more information: I'm sure Cheri will get you more details at a later time. Feel free to email or call us anytime... I'm sure we'll be up. :)"

Finally, our dog, Chessie had her puppies today. (Stephanie, she kindly waited until you delivered!!) Tomorrow is her actual due date at 63 days gestation but, this morning she was panting a little bit too much for first thing in the morning, so I figured something was up. She kept leaving the porch to lay in a hole that she kept digging out. I forced her back onto the porch and locked her in...I did not want the puppies born in the dirt under a bush. Around 1:00 I just happened to go look in on her and she was in the pool circling around. I saw evidence of her impending birthing so I called the owner of the male we bred her with and then I called Felicia (my dog breeding friend) The first puppy (a chocolate) was born and Chessie didn't quite know what to do, I think it kind of scared her a bit, but her intincts quickly took over just like Felicia told me they would. Several of them were born in pretty quick succession but then she took a 1/2 hour break, then a puppy then another 40 minute break. At that point she had had 8 puppies and we thought she was finished. She got up and walked around outside for a little bit I went inside for something and Christopher came in yelling she's having another one...sure enough number 9 came out. At that point we thought surely she is finished now...nope, 50 minutes later came number 10-another chocolate! So she had puppies from 1:15 until 5:30! Felicia was great help over the phone and our neighbor and owner of the father, Julie came and helped out.
She has 8 yellow labs and 2 chocolate labs. 7 are male and 3 are female. The lab we bred her with is black and we didn't get one black one! Anyway, it was such a cool experience! Each puppy was born a little differently, some head first some feet first some in sacks some certainly isn't an experience for the weak of stomach, it is pretty gross!! Catherine watched all of the births and Christopher was there for 5 of them. Chessie did a great job! It is amazing how God made animals with instincts and they just "know" what to do!
For some reason the pictures wouldn't post so I'll do that tomorrow. I'm not sure if I'll be able to sleep, I keep wanting to check on them!! I'm exhausted and still feeling bad from my cold...goodnight!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

ok, I had a big long post yesterday and Christopher accidentally erased it... so here I go again...
We were once again out of town for the weekend. This time we went to Glen Rose to share the vision of "For the Fame of His Name" with the Elders and leaders of Grace Community Church. We have taken members from this church to Mx the last 2 trips we took. We became acquainted with this church 4 years ago through Hannah House (the Maternity Home through which we adopted Cat). We always enjoy our times of worship at Grace and this weekend was no exception. The sermon was great and the fellowship sweet. After church Calixto shared his presentation, they had childcare provided which was so nice! The meeting went well and hopefully they will partner with us in the work in the Huasteca. Afterwards we drove back to Granbury and walked around the square and visited a few shops (I was feeling quite energetic after I had a double shot frapucinno from the coffee shop!) We then dragged Calixto down to the pool at the condo and let the kids swim for a just a little bit. We only had a short time before we met with a family from the church to have coffee and dessert (decaf this time). The husband and oldest daughter of this family went to Mx with us in March but, we didn't really know the mom and other was such a wonderful visit! We didn't get back to the condo until after 10pm...what a full day! The next morning we slept in a bit, ate b'fast on the square and then headed home. My parents had arrived in Longview about an hour after we left on Sat. they just relaxed until we got home Mon afternoon. Then the work began! My dad had already put another coat of mud on the drywall and sanded it. Then he tore out all the old tile around the tub, yesterday after prep work etc he started putting new tile up. He will not have ample time to complete the bathroom but, we are making good progress. After tearing the old tile down we can see that the walls apparantly have no lovely!
Chessie our pregnant dog is just sooo big and uncomfortable!! I did see the puppies move yesterday morning while she was sleeping...that was so cool! I am so excited about the puppies birth! Her due dated is in 6 days!! I feel as if I am living vicariously through my dog's pregnancy! Until now I did not know that dogs got stretch marks!!
We are on to our 2nd memory verse for the summer. Everyone including Cat. knew Deut 7:9 by the end of the week! I was surprised at Cat's ability to learn it since it seemed so long but she did it and was excited about it too, it wasn't something we had to force her to do, Praise the Lord! This week's verse is longer but, she is off to a good start!
"And now, Israel, what does the Lord your God require of you, but to fear the Lord your God, to walk in all his ways, to love him, to serve the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul, and to keep the commandments and statutes of the Lord, which I am commanding you today for your good?" Deut. 10:12-13
I finished reading Ted Dekker's book Skin last week. I couldn't put it down but, it also made me think...what makes this book "christian"? There are no references to God, Christ, the cross, salvation etc.. He can be quite descriptive and graphic in some of the scenes. His books are always a battle between good and the extreme but does that alone make it worthy of the "christian" title. It didn't neccessarily make me dwell on what is lovely, what is right, what is good etc. So, maybe I should not read his books anymore? I have not come to a clear cut decision on this. I did check out his web site where you can comment and take a poll about his writings. There was also a good post on the colossiansthreesixteen blog (linked on the right)about art and music labeled "christian"
...eek, I have to run...I have an admissions meeting at the school...