Sunday, April 22, 2007

2 weeks ago Christopher went to the St. Mary's Spring relays. It is for 3rd-6th graders from the local private schools, which included CHS, Longview Christian, East Texas Christian, Trinity, St. Mary's and Full Armor from Henderson. The day was beautiful which was great since we were outside all day. I think Christian Heritage came in 3rd place overall, we had some very stiff competition! Christopher was entered in all but one event. Here he is (4th from the left)preparing to run the 50 yard dash. He placed 3rd in this race, 3rd in the softball throw, 3rd in the long jump and 4th in the jump rope relay. We are very proud of his ribbons and look forward to next years competition...maybe we'll start training now!!
Here he is coming into the home stretch...
Will is his best friend at school!
Here he is at the start of the jump rope relay. His team mate gave him a good lead, he came in first on his leg of the relay but the next teammate didn't do so well pushing them down a bit.
Catherine had a blast all day with Christopher's classmates. She was in heaven with all of the attention from the big girls. She and her friend on the left collected caterpillars together, they are the same age so it was fun to have someone her own age to play with.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Catherine had fun playing with Annabelle tonight while we watched her. Here they are coloring
Before Catherine went to bed she read a storyto Annabelle (trying to stretch out her bedtime). The story didn't quite make sense but, it was so precious to hear her imagination. She would make a great big sister! The only way I got her to go to sleep without a fuzz was to tell her I would be back in to read to her after Annabelle went home...knowing Catherine would be asleep by then. Since she didn't take a nap this afternoon she went to sleep pretty quickly.
the pictures are yellow and fuzzy b/c I left the flash off...oops
Here is the precious girl. After my kids went to bed Annabelle and I read books and then sang songs as I downloaded pictures and blogged a bit. We all had a good time!
We also had Calixto's workers(Jesus and Manuel) over for dinner. They only speak Spanish and are pretty shy but, we had a good meal together. They are not believers so we covet your prayers for their salvation. Now that Calixto will be full-time with them, he'll have more time to talk about spiritual matters and really invest time in their lives.