Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Longview Krogers got in an abundance of chicken breasts-they are now on sale for an incredible price- I bought 5 packages (with 5 breasts each) for about $2.00 per package. I saved over $50.00!!
You must have a Krogers card...but you can apply for one there at the same run to Krogers before they run out!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

At 1 o'clock this morning Christopher came to my bed and told me that he thought he was going to throw up...In my sleepy daze I told him to get to the bathroom...soon after that was said he threw up all over my floor...I should have gotten up immediately but, I wasn't fully awake and didn't move fast enough. He doesn't like to be alone when he gets sick and was waiting for me to get up to go to the bathroom with him! Poor guy he got sick 4 times throughout the night. Calixto slept (relative term) with him so there were no more messes to clean up, thankfully!
He is feeling much better now and will spend the day watching cartoons/movies on the couch. Hopefully, the bug has not spread to anyone else!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Took Cat to the Dr. this morning. She has been telling me her ear hurts since Thu. but, she hasn't "complained" about it so I thought I would just wait and see. She said it hurt when she blinked! Since it is now Monday and she again told me it hurt I called the Dr. After waiting on hold forever, they asked if I could come in at 11:30...I rushed to get us ready and flew out the door as it was almost 11 already. Dr. Herbeck thought it odd that I had waited...until he looked in her ear and saw...nothing! Ok, I was getting a little annoyed that I was now going to spend $ (we have no insurance) for nothing, until he looked at her and her tonsils were red! She hadn't said anything about her throat...maybe he was just trying to find "something" so it wasn't a wasted trip?! anyway, she always enjoys her visits to the Dr.! We picked up lunch and her Rx-which really didn't take long at all-and now she is asleep in hr bed...I take that back she just started talking to me!
Great is our Lord, and abundant in power; his understanding is beyond measure.
Psalm 147:5

Sunday, January 27, 2008

During the winter months my wedding rings are always a bit loose and bother me so, I took them off while in the office more than a week ago. I kept meaning to put them back on but just didn't do it. Then I began to wonder where they were...I hadn't seen them in a few days. Last night I looked in the office but they were not where I left them, I checked a few more places to no avail. I started to get a little nervous b/c I could not remember moving them from the office. This morning it occured to me to ask my darling daughter if she by "chance" knew where they were, this is what she brought to me...

I'm just thankful that they didn't get lost...lucky for me the little blue dog had a good grip on them!
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Friday, January 25, 2008

Christopher's explanation of why he is soaking wet...of course from a few years ago.

"Maya did it" that's her story and she's sticking to it...

I am so thankful that she has grown in the area of obedience, I know back then I wondered if she would ever obey?!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

This morning in Christopher's room it was 60 degrees!!!
This is how he stays warm at night...a make shift tent around his bed!
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During most evenings I have been reading Hinds Feet on High Places to the kids. I usually let Catherine color or something to keep her occupied (she still listens and is able to answer questions about the book). Last night she was cutting paper and decided to cut out letters...she did a pretty good job, some letters aren't so recognizable but, others look great!
This has been such an appropriate book for this season in our lives. Just the other night we were reading how the main character was being led by the Shepherd to the High places by way of the desert. I certainly feel like we are walking through that desert where God is stripping us, molding us and refining us...not an easy thing! and it hurts! This week has been extremely difficult...last week too! But, God brought some things about that really encouraged my heart and reminded me that He indeed has not abandoned us and is continuing to lead and guide us forward to those High places. ok, if I continue...I'll start crying! and I have to leave to pick up Catherine.
On a final note...Christopher won the speech meet for poetry!! Yay!!
He's off to Tyler in April to compete against all the other Christian schools in the area!
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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Recent photos from our family trip to Tamazunchale after Christmas...

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This is such a good book, I highly recommend it for every family! We picked this up while in Minneapolis in the Fall. I still have not finished reading it but, absolutely love what he has to say. In the first chapter he cites several statistics from Barna that are just astounding! For example:

"According to researchers, between 70 and 88 percent of Christian teens are leaving the church by their second year in college." Another stat..."85 percent of 'born again teens' do not believe in the existence of absolute truth. Over 60 percent agree with the statement, 'nothing can be known for sure except the things you experience in your own life.' More than half of those surveyed believed that Jesus sinned during His earthly life!"

That is very alarming to say the least! This is not necessarily a how-to book although he has great suggestions...he does not say his way is the only way. He does point out that we must instill in our children a biblical world view. Without it they will be lost in this culture once they leave our homes. I appreciate the firm stand he takes on some issues that might step on people's toes and his gentle way of stating them. I have been discouraged, encouraged and convicted all at the same time while reading. This is not a book that I want to read and forget! I want to be very pro-active, making changes where necessary to help my children know, love and enjoy God forever!

(Stephanie-this is who we heard speak when Ted went with us to that youth camp in South Carolina)

I lost my tutoring student! His mom decided to take him out of CHS and put him back into public school. I am really frustrated with how the whole situation transpired but, the choice has been made. So, now I won't be at the school on T/Th, I'm going to miss that. I enjoyed being up there-it gave me oppurtunity to see Christopher and his classmates and interact with the teachers.
God did provide another tutoring student at just the right time (although I was hoping to have 2 students at the same time)...I begin tutoring math this afternoon. I have only tutored in Writing Road to Reading, so I hope this goes well.
Catherine just brought me some breakfast-toast with apricot jelly! What she didn't know is that I already had cereal and toast before she got up...I am totally full but, I ate her wonderfully made toast just to please her!
Christopher has to recite a poem this morning in front of judges to decide who goes to the big "Speech meet" in Feb. I didn't really like his poem it was "A Boy and His Stomach" and it should be recited by someone with a southern accent. He did well last night when he said it for us. Calixto took him to school and stayed to hear him.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

My project yesterday...the bathroom!
I decided to texturize the ceiling and walls, then prime them plus the bead board. I started by watering down lots of sheetrock mud (I forget the technical term) which splattered all over the place and me! Then I began rolling it on the ceiling, I called a friend for advice and then rolled it a 2nd time, thinking I didn't do such a good job. After all of the frustration just with the ceiling I decided the walls really didn't have to be textured after all!! Which means I didn't need to mix up as much "mud" as I did...oh well! Next I turned my sites to the primer...but, I discovered that the bead board needed to be sanded first, so off to Lowes to get sand paper. By this time is was 1pm and I started the project at 10:30. I begrudgingly sanded the bead attitude was pretty bad and my emotions were one point I just layed on Christopher's bed and cried!! Anyway some while, and an inch of dust everywhere later, I was finished with that and began priming...of course after I cleaned the dust out of the room. I started with the ceiling, which didn't look as bad as I thought it might and continued until I was completely finished. I ended around 6pm! What a long day!
I began warming up leftovers for dinner but Calixto decided to pick up a pizza while he was gone I sat in the tub to ease my aching muscles! My neck really hurts today, all that ceiling stuff took its toll!
Now it is time to paint...maybe next week...or next month, we"ll see?!

It looks so much better just with primer more bare sheet rock!
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Saturday, January 19, 2008

ok...what is the deal?...I have taken L-Lysine everyday!! fever blister in my nose...that's the good news...the bad news...I have one in the middle of my top lip!!
I don't understand...ugh!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

It is snowing...huge, giant flakes!!!
In memory of a wonderful, godly woman who touched many lives for Christ...

SYVERTSEN, EILEEN KATHY, 55 - of Galloway, went home to be with the Lord, peacefully at home, surrounded by family and friends on January 16, 2008. She was born on May 28, 1952, on Long Island, NY. She received a BA in Religion and Philosophy from The Kings College, Briarcliff Manor, NY in 1974, where she met her husband, Allen Syvertsen (Big Al) of 33 years. Eileen was an active member of Beacon Evangelical Free Church in Galloway. She enjoyed reading, watching the NY Mets, and preserving memories through scrapbooking. She also served the women of her church through a counseling ministry that encouraged them in their walk with the Lord. Other activities included MOPS, VBS, and Moms in Touch. Her favorite vacation spot was Camp Spofford, NH where she went every summer for more than 25 years. She loved her family and spending time with her husband and daughters and new granddaughter. Most of all Eileen loved to share her faith in Jesus Christ. Through her three year battle with cancer, Eileen took every opportunity to reach out to the many care givers and patients that crossed her path. This past October she spoke at a "Pink Rally" and her message was that she woke up each day and was thankful for all that God had given her. She quoted John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that He gave His One and Only son that whoever believes in Him will not perish (or die) but have eternal life". Eileen is survived by her daughters: Sheryl (Ryan) Creeden and granddaughter, Sydney Grace, of East Greenville, PA; Rachel and Lindsey Syvertsen, of Galloway; and her husband, Pastor Al Syvertsen of Galloway. She is also survived by her parents, Norman and Marian Little, her sisters Lee Romer and Kathy Hayes, and their children of Jacksonville, Florida. She was predeceased by her mother, Rita Little, of Long Island, NY. In lieu of flowers, the family is requesting that donations be made out to Beacon Evangelical Free Church, Galloway, NJ. Visitation with the family will be held on Sunday afternoon, January 20th, from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. with a service at 5 p.m. at Beacon Evangelical Free Church 420 S. 6th Avenue, Galloway Township. Those wishing to attend the graveside service may gather at the church on Monday, January 21st at 10:15 a.m. for the funeral procession to Leeds Point Community Church Cemetery. Arrangements are entrusted to and written condolences may be left for the family at:

Thursday, January 17, 2008

This cold has me feeling "super yucks" this morning! I just want to pull the blankets over my head and stay in bed all day! but, I am going to get in the shower and drop Cat off "late" for school and go tutor my student. I've already taken my vitamins and cold med and blown my nose like a thousand times, so I guess I'm ready to start the day afterall!
Calixto and Christopher got up early and headed out for donuts together. They even made his lunch before they left!
ok, my coffee is ready...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints."

My friend Eileen entered into heaven and into the arms of her precious Savior today! The battle won, the race finished...she endured to the end! Her days were not cut short...God numbered them before she was born and he stayed by her side until her very last breath! Praise God for his faithfulness and steadfast love toward us.
My heart is saddened and grieved for her family as they have many difficult days ahead of them.
If you think of it please pray for the Syvertsen family!
Catherine and I are down with colds!! Luckily, we don't have anywhere to be today so...we are just gonna hang out and rest at home! We've been popping vitamin C like crazy, and I'm taking L-Lysine to prevent a fever blister from forming in my nose. I get one in my left nostril (yuck!) after every cold, from blowing my nose...they are very painful! This time I am being diligent to head it off...usually I forget to take the Lysine which for some reason keeps the nasty blisters away.
Here are some pix of Christopher's diorama of a revolutionary war scene. He wrote a report about George (the last name escapes me right now!), he had to give an oral report and do a project-a diorama or poster. The teacher said he did a great job on the oral part yesterday!

On a note from his teacher the other day she said that he had a great semester and appreciates his enthusiasm and "love of learning". That is one reason I wanted him to go to CHS instead of continuing with homeschooling...I knew that "I" was not instilling in him a love of learning and I so wanted that but, just didn't do that for him. I so appreciate the fact that she wrote that and sees that in him, it was a great confirmation!
I now have another tutoring student, he will be attending CHS in the fall and needs some work in math. I have never really tutored in math but, they ordered the book and just need someone to help him through it. So, now I'll be tutoring a total of 4 days a week, yay!
The extra money sure will help!

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Monday, January 14, 2008

My day has not gone as I planned it!! I had planned on shopping at Walmart-putting the groceries away-going for a walk on the trail-washing clothes-cleaning the house. I did manage to go shopping but after that is when everything changed. I walked in the door with the last bag when the phone rang, it was a mom from school asking me to pick up something at the store before I came for the lunch fundraiser I was scheduled to help with. I totally forgot about it! It was already 10:45 and I needed to be there by 11:20...I hadn't showered and didn't have any makeup on. I quickly threw all the necessary groceries in the fridge/freezer, washed my face, threw on make-up and packed a lunch for Cat. We were out the door w/i 20 minutes...phew!! But, I still had to get gas...on my way out I forgot my cell phone too! On McCann Road the speed limit is posted at 40 but, I so needed to go faster...but, there was a policeman behind me so 40 miles it was! I did get to the school on time but I sure was frazzled and starving. Catherine ate lunch without any help and went out to play with the kindergartners, so she was out of the way. She also went to music class with them since the teacher couldn't get her to leave. I would have gotten her but was in the midst of the 2nd lunch period and couldn't get away she ended up doing fine and the music teacher was ok with her being there.
By the time we left it was after 1pm and I still hadn't eaten (I have to eat at 12!) As soon as we pulled out of the parking lot I began to see little flickering lights in my right eye...oh no a migraine!!! My head was pounding more than just my normal headaches. My peripheral vision was starting to go away...I needed food fast so I drove through McD's. Shortly after I ate I began to feel a bit better-my vision was clearing up at least and I could think a little more clearly. I've only had a migraine twice but, I sure hope I don't have anymore!!!
I had to go to Hobby Lobby for a project Christopher had to complete tonight. After that I headed straight for the advil bottle and the couch. Although the twinkling lights had faded my headache was still very substantial. I camped out on the couch for about an hour and a half until the pain was just a dull ache. I got nothing done that I wanted to!! But, by the time Christopher got home I was ready to straighten things up a bit and get dinner done. Then I was able to help him complete his diorama of a revolutionary war turned out pretty good too! I was so thankful to be able to feel well enough to help b/c I know migraines can last a long-long time! The kids are in bed, there are laundry piles all over my bed and more clothes in the dryer but, I'm choosing to ignore all that for now and rest!!
I forgot to mention...Calixto came home shortly after I left and put all the groceries away and cleaned up all my jewlery that the cat had spilled all over my floor!! What a husband :)
This weeks verse:

Even youths shall faint and be weary, and young men shall fall exhausted; but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.
Isaiah 40: 30-31

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Cat lost her 2nd tooth! The tooth fairy left money for her but forgot to take the tooth so...the tooth fairy had to return for a 2nd night....Cat got more money out of that visit!! Look at the permanent tooth behind where her baby tooth was, it is already quite large and very crooked. I know it'll turn straight now that it has room to do so.
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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Game number 2 and we was a tough game...Christopher made a beautiful 3 pointer...I missed it though as I had to step outside! He played hard...we'll get 'em next time!!

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Prayer Request
I would covet your prayers for a friend from NJ, Eileen and her family. She had breast cancer a few years ago and then w/i the last year was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, that then spread to her liver. She was in the hospital this week after suffering a massive stroke. They released her today under the care of hospice.
She and her husband have 3 beautiful daughters, the oldest just had their first grandbaby and the middle daughter is to be married in Feb. The youngest is in college. Please pray for this dear family as they face much pain and grief.
Thanks so much!!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Slide show of the 2007 Pastor's Conference in Tamazunchale

I realized I hadn't posted anything about our trip to Mexico. We left from Dallas on Thu. after Christmas and arrived in Tamazunchale late Fri. night. Our purpose for the trip was to meet with the Pastors to fill them in on the changes that have taken place and what the vision is for the future. The Pastors as well as the people as a whole in the Huasteca are very shy and may not ask questions about "For the Fame of His Name" so Calixto wanted to sit down face to face with them to make sure everything was clear. They had a good meeting for several hours on Sunday. The kids and I just kind of hung out during the meeting, Catherine played a lot with Candido's 4 grandchildren...she had so much fun with them...she just couldn't understand why they couldn't understand her...but kids are kids and play doesn't require words so much! Christopher played with Pastor Chencho's son Jeshua (not sure of the spelling) they played Uno Spin, his gameboy and then football outside. Christopher is a bit more shy about playing with the kids but, after I called him over to play they had a blast with each other! It is so fun to see them interact with the kids there.

On Saturday evening we went to a church service at a new mission site-La Isla-They don't have a building yet and just meet at people's homes. We sat outside on plastic chairs and crude wooden benches. Lights were hanging from a tree, where chickens were roosting. Of course they did have a loud speaker system set up-what would church in Mexico be like w/o that?! I don't have any pictures b/c the cameras, both of them, were back in the truck which was parked down the road. Like every service-there are only a handful of people when the service begins but, by the end the place was full! Afterward they served us sac-o-wheel (phonetic spelling) it is a meal that is cooked in banana leaves and either cooked under ground or in an adobe type oven. It is not one of Calixto's favorite...I think it is ok, but it certainly is heavy...kind of like a hash of sorts with chicken...sometimes bones and all! It is a meal served on special occassions.
Below are pictures of where the new church building will be built. The first pic shows the holes that have already been dug for the footings the second shows the area. LeTourneau will be going to this site in March.

On New Year's eve we shopped downtown with the entire population of Tamaz and surrounding area!! It was Packed! Everyone was preparing for the evening's festivities. That afternoon the 4 of us drove down beside the was beautiful! I don't think the people there realize how beautiful the area is. It was incredible the further we drove and the smaller the dirt road became. We walked down to the water and skipped stones for a while. I do have pix of that but they are on Calixto's camera and we can't find his cable to download them...I'll post them soon. That night we had a church service beginning at 10-everyone brought food and after the service we ate dinner-at midnight. While at the market we bought these huge sparklers for the kids so we lit those and played around till about 1am. We went to bed but the party on the streets outside our hostess' home went on until 8 in the morning!!! I think the parties only ended b/c it started to rain!
I was kind of nervous wondering what we do the next day, all business was complete, nothing was open and it rained all day, but it turned out to be the best day. Christopher finally got Calixto to ask Candido's sons to play Uno spin with him. We played from 11am til 10pm! It had gotten really chilly so they used the little charcoal grill to keep us all warm...Candido's house has no glass on the windows so it is hard to stay warm. The game turned out to be such an ice-breaker and we got to know them a lot better! Several families ended up stopping by for was a lot of fun, just hangin' out with everyone with no agenda or time constraint!
Since we were there over the holidays we got to have some traditional holiday food, like a punch made with all kinds of fruit and sugar cane...all the fruit are in big chunks so you half drink-half eat it and atole-a thick hot drink...mmm! And hot chocolate-Dana, I really liked it, maybe I will go buy some at the Mex store!
We need to make this kind of trip an annual thing! The drive to and from went well with no problems. The kids did pretty well aside from the usual arguing! Christopher got 2 new cd's for Christmas that we listened to over and over...I am Newsboys and Toby Mac'd out!!
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Monday, January 07, 2008

We tried a new church yesterday and so far it is pretty close to what we are looking for. We'll try it out a few more times before we know for sure. The only problem, well not really a problem, is that it is in a different community-not Longview. There are 2 families that go to Christian Heritage too so that is nice. We haven't inquired about children's ministry yet...that is a big deciding factor for we'll see. Calixto felt pretty upbeat about it. The kids were excited b/c we got to have lunch after church with friends who attend there too. Christopher said wow, it's been like 5 weeks since we've had lunch with anyone. At Crossroads we'd have lunch with another family just about every week.
We learned this week that a friend was just diagnosed with cancer. If you think of it please pray for Connie Puryear, the cancer she had 21 years ago has returned. She will have a test done tomorrow or Thu to determine exactly where it is coming from and then the treatment plan will be decided from there.
Our regular schedule resumed today. Christopher actually got out of bed pretty well and was ready when we needed to leave. I am glad for the return of a normal routine! Today I'm cooking a Christmas dinner, turkey-gravy-stuffing-sweet potato souffle-green beans and homemade bread and for dessert apple pie...I'm excited! I think we'll even eat in the dining room (we usually eat in the kitchen) with our china and nice silverware.
I have to take down the tree too...maybe it can wait till tomorrow?!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

The first basketball game of the season and we won!! Christopher scored quite a few points! It is so fun to watch him play! Of course I forgot the camera at home. I'll get pix of him next week.
I keep trying to upload a video from youtube and everytime it says there is an error. I highlighted-copied-pasted the embed, then I clicked on the add video icon and then it states there is an error on the page...any suggestions??
Have you not known?
Have you not heard?
The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth.
He does not faint or grow weary; his understanding is unsearchable.
He gives power to the faint, and to him who has no might he increases strength.
Isaiah 40:28-29

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Just to show you how much Calixto doesn't like our kitty!
The day bed in our room is the perfect spot to take a Sunday afternoon nap on a sunny day!
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I really don't like to make cut-out cookies...they never turn out the way I invision them. I went ahead and made some for the kids to decorate. They were very creative and loved the project! Ok, as you can see from the first picture my first batch were rolled too thin and got a little too done! But I corrected the problem and the rest of the batches were much better!

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Christmas morning at our house!
Christopher informed me we had to take the obligitory picture of them walking into the living room (I forgot to do it this year). This was staged since they had already come into the room!
The kids both picked out gifts for each other...both choices were a hit with the other!
The only problem is we left Christopher's gift in Mexico! For any of you who have been to Tamazunchale, you know the steep hill/sidewalk the church is on...well, Christopher decided to play football outside of the church with a friend...not such a good idea...he took a big tumble. He said he just kept rolling...he had some pretty nasty scrapes/cuts on his leg!
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Cahterine is so proud of her American girl doll from Mom-mom/Pop-pop!
Christmas afternoon at G'pa/G'ma's house

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Friday, January 04, 2008

2007 Wrap up

*On the 1st we drove home from NJ...everyone was sick (except for me)
*We sold our 1st home
*We moved into our new house
*Calixto flew to NJ for Mexico team orientation
*Basketball season for Christopher
*Continued working on the house
*Calixto flew to Minneapolis for annual Pastor's conference
*A visit from Danielle from Maine
*Calixto led a trip to Mexico
*While he was gone the gas was turned off due to a minor leak and the kids and I stayed at the Bolding's garage apartment for 5 days
*Soccer season...already
*Calixto and I led trip to Mexico...the kids stayed home with my mom
*continued to work on house
* The announcement is made that we are leaving the church
*Calixto and I flew to Minn. for a Children Desiring God Conference
*While there we drove to South Dakota to visit our friends the Swansons
*We bred our lab, Chessie
*Calixto preached on our last Sunday at Crossroads
*Ended soccer season in 1st place
*Went to Chris Tomlin concert
*Catherine had her first hair cut!
*School ended-goodbye 3rd grade!
* Spent a weekend in Dallas
*Spent a weekend in Granbury/Glen Rose
*Dad worked on the house
*Chessie had puppies!!
*It rained and rained
*We finally made it to the Gladewater rodeo
*Soccer camp
*A visit from my Uncle Lee/Aunt Barb
*Basketball camp
*We celebrated our 12th anniversary in Dallas at the Anatole and dinner at the Old Warsaw complete with roses and breakfast in our husband is quite the romantic.
*Sold our first 2 puppies
*Vacationed for a week in was hot!!
*Calixto preached at Grace Community Church in Glen Rose
*School started-hello 4th grade
*Our Catherine Grace turned "5"
*Our friend Dave visited for a weekend
*Drove to Waco to sell a puppy
*Soccer season started for both kids
*2nd anniversary of my brother's death...already!
*I celebrated another birthday...the number I won't mention!
*I began tutoring a student in Writing Road to Reading
*Calixto preached at Grace Community Church in Longview (or is it Lakeport?)
*My parents flew in again
*Calixto and I flew to Minn for the annual Desiring God Conference
*We sold our last puppy!
*Our Christopher turned "10" and we were away for it!
*We flew from Minn. to NJ for a missions conference
*Calixto preached at Trinity Church in NJ
*Calixto celebrated a big birthday
*Chessie turned 2!
*Calixto left for Mexico
*Jeff Nine visited before going to Mx.
*Calixto held the 2nd Annual Pastor's conference in Tamazunchale
*Christopher/Calixto went to the Casting Crowns concert for their birthdays
*I began tutoring a new student
*Spent a weekend in Granbury
*Soccer ended with another 1 place victory
*Thanksgiving in Dallas
*Soccer tournament in Dallas
*Basketball practice started
*Calixto preached at Chalk Hill Community Church
*Christmas morning was spent here -then drove to Dallas
*Drove to Mexico to meet with the Pastors

2007 was a full year, it brought many changes, challenges, beginnings and endings. I am grateful that he has or will use "all" the things of this past year for my good! All the good, the bad and the ugly! How blessed to be a child of God and experience his new mercies every morning and know that no matter what we go through He will go there with us. Thank you God for your presence in my life and the promises that I can stand firm on!

Happy 2008!!