Wednesday, May 30, 2007

ok, here is the sunset during the concert!
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Wow! We had a great time at the Chris Tomlin concert tonight.
He gave a free outdoor concert in downtown Grand Saline to kick off the week long "Salt Festival". Mark Walters told us about it the other night and we met up with them there. Chris Tomlin is Christopher's all time favorite recording artist. He led worship at a camp we took some youth to when Christopher was about 5. He is originally from the "po-dunk" town of Grand Saline, which is about 45-60 minutes from Longview. He seems like a very humble man who seeks to do what God directs him to. Christopher, Mattie and I went down to the front of the stage for the whole was sooo cool. It is a night he will not quickly forget! What a great time of worship!! I appreciate the fact that Christ Tomlin seeks to make much of Christ and not himself, that comes across very clearly.
These first two pictures are during practice before the concert began.

What a cool shot!! Chris and Chris! He and Mattie both got to say hello and get their pictures taken, unfortunately, they didn't have anything for him to sign.
Here we are at the begginning of the concert. Catherine loved being on Daddy's shoulders. Since I stayed at the front, Daddy had to watch after her the whole time. I think she got a little bored and ended up coloring with Ethan for a while. She fell asleep half way home with her sweat shirt over her face, it looked really funny. I was afraid she would suffocate so I removed it after a bit.
for some reason the last picture didn't post. It was of the incredible sunset...quite beautiful! The weather was wonderful, had rained all day...poured very heavy at times but, the evening was clear and beautiful...even a bit cool due to the high humidity. What a great start to our summer!
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Monday, May 28, 2007

We went to Dallas this weekend for Calixto's nephews 2nd birthday party Saturday. A clown came that painted the kid's faces and did cool magic tricks. Most of the kids were too little and didn't want their faces painted but opted for something painted on their arms. Catherine was the first one in line and got this beautiful butterfly. Christopher looked so cool in his tiger face!

The clown did a great job entertaining the kids. Here Catherine is helping her but the clown kept "accidentally" dropping the ropes...Catherine just laughed and laughed!
This is such a precious picture!! The clown has an english accent and reminded us of Merryl. When she first arrived Catherine was scared and didn't want to see her but, she quickly warmed up to her. I never knew my kids were such performers until this. Christopher got up and did his own magic trick and Catherine was the clown assistant whenever possible. It was a lot of fun!
We ended up staying over night at an incredible hotel, which Calixto found cheaper than the Holiday Inn Express. The kids were amazed by the grandeur of the hotel and didn't want to leave. Unfortunately we got there around 10 pm and left at 10 the next morning, so we didn't really get to enjoy the hotel to the fullest...maybe another time. We were able to visit with both sides of Calixto's family as we spent Sunday with his Dad/stepmom. (Saturday we spent the day with his mom and sister). On the way home last night we stopped at Cracker Barrel for dinner. A guy came up to Calixto and asked what his name was, it turns out the guy was a childhood friend of his, Pablo. They had not seen each other for 20 something years! Seeing him just brought back a flood of memories for him.
Well, today is the first day of our summer break. We have determined to learn a bible verse every week as a family. We'd like to do it all year but Christopher memorizes scripture for school and they are usually pretty lengthy. Anyway, our first verse is:
"Know therefore that the Lord your God is God, the faithful God who keeps covenant and steadfast love with those who love him and keep his commandments, to a thousand generations." Deut 7:9 ESV
Ok, the kids are is time to go find some work for them to do...
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Saturday, May 26, 2007

I meant to post these with the last post...oops! Here we are at the last soccer game, we thought it would be a tough win but we greatly outscored them instead. I forget the final score. Christopher made some big saves!!
These three have been together for 3 years now!
I forgot to mention our Chessie is pregnant. I can't believe how big she is getting. She just will not pose for a picture, so this is the best I could get. She is due around June 13th. We are very excited and pray all goes well with the delivery. We are hoping that she has them when we are home and the kids can watch. I don't want it to be traumatic though! For all of you in Longview you'll have to come see the pups and let the kids hold them. They'll be sooooo cute!! She should end up having all three colors-yellow, chocolate and black in the litter. I can't wait!!
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What a week it has been...a week of endings! The ending of our ministry and fellowship at Crossroads officially ended Sunday. I have been very emotional all week regarding this. But, God is faithful and has been confirming our decision through different things and ways all week. thank you Lord! Also, Christopher's 3rd grade year came to an end yesterday. He had a great year academically, athletically and spiritually. Wow, now we are on to the the double digit age and 4th grade!
Soccer season ended a few weeks ago with the Tigers winning 1st place again, yay Tigers! They are the 1st team to win 1st place for 2 seasons in a row, for this age league in 9 years. In both seasons they didn't lose a game. The 2nd and 3rd place teams tried hard to dethrone them but, fell short. Christopher played either goalie or center forward, he is strong in both of these positions. We have a strong offense so, he ended up playing goalie a bit more this season. He and his team mates did a great job and this is the trophy he received. It is a lot bigger than previous years. He will stay with this team for 2 more seasons and then he will be repooled or he will play club ball. That is a big decision since club ball travels to the Dallas area almost every week. We still have a year to think about that one!
CHS has an awards night where the teachers recognize a godly character quality for each child that she has seen that student exemplify throughout the year. Christopher was awarded the quality of thankfulness! He also received the Presidential Fitness award for the 2nd or 3rd year...way to go! Here he is with his teacher, Mrs. Bond whom he will miss greatly! Her style of teaching really resonated with him and he enjoyed everyday of school!
The last day of school is field day. the kids had a blast and the weather ended up being nice instead of rain which the forcast called for. The favorite activity for everyone was definitely the dunking booth where you could pay to dunk some of the administration. The dippin' dots was a sure winner with all at the snack stand.
Catherine looking oh so cute while playing on the playground. She has fun no matter where we are or what we are doing!! She really wants to go to CHS next year, but we are waiting until the following year to start Kindergarten. She is interested in learning but, she is more interested in playing on the playground...I am sure that is the draw to CHS for her!
Well, we are off to Dallas to see Calixto's family...
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Monday, May 21, 2007

On Saturday Catherine's dance class had a parent's program. They have a dance recital every other year, on the off year they do a laid back program highlighting what the girls have been learning over the year. Catherine did a great job and we look forward to next year when she'll be able to stay on task a little better.
About midway through the year she decided she didn't want to go to dance any longer but when Tina (the instructor) told her she would get a trophy at the end, she held out! She was so very excited about getting that trophy!!
I went ahead and registered her for next year knowing the structure of the class is good for her. She much prefers gymnastics though where she can have more liberties and get away with not doing what she is supposed to we'll stick with dance!
She came down with a fever again yesterday. While we were at church for lunch she kept coming over to me and saying she didn't feel well but then quickly ran off again to go play. By the time we left she was on fire, she was asleep in the car within a few minutes. When we got home she told me "I'm feeling not so good" She took a good long nap and slept in a little later this morning. She has no fever today but is still a bit sluggish. We did have a big and busy weekend with her dance program, CHS graduation with a party afterwards on Saturday and then yesterday being at church until after 3 for lunch etc. Maybe she is just worn too! I have been very weepy today and can not get myself motivated to get anything completed around the house...ok enough of that I must go and get things done whether I feel like it or not!!
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Friday, May 18, 2007

Last Saturday both kids had temperatures. nothing else wrong with them though, so that was good. They lounged on the couches all day and watched TV except for a long nap which they both took. When Christopher takes a nap you know there is something wrong with him! He had gone to work with Calixto but unfortunately had to return just a few hours later. We were disappointed that we missed the homeschool graduation! By the evening they were both just fine and were able to go to church for Mother's Day.

Here is the final product! I am not real happy with it though. I wish I had not used the white stain and instead just did a natual finish. It reminds me of beach house furniture. Hopefully, it will grow on me...I just hoped I would finish and love it!!

I got a lot accomplished today...I finished the dresser, I filled in nail holes on some trim in the hallway and around Christopher's closet, I then put a 2nd coat of stain on his closet doors, I primed the kitchen windows and raked and bagged 4 bags of leaves that we piled up a few days ago, oh yeah, plus cut back some underbrush from our neighbors yard that borders our driveway. Wow...I am tired and I still have to make dinner...better go do that now!
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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

No pictures this morning...Calixto has the camera in his truck. he is building up a portfolio so potential clients can see what beautiful work he does.
Well, I have been on such a roller coaster of emotions lately. Leaving Crossroads, of course, is a huge thing for us. We are very sad to leave our family of 12 years! As I think back over those years I can see how much God has grown and changed us. We are grateful for our time and ministry at Crossroads and know God will use all of it for his glory and for our good. I am excited too about the ministry possibilities that await us...we don't know what they are but, we know they are out there!!
I have been eating out of emotion quite a bit lately and don't know why I even bought ice cream at the store the other day. In order to not be tempted while at home I decided to work on a project (outside). So, I stripped and am now staining a little pine dresser. I am staining it with a white pickling stain and then, will put a satin polyurethane on it. I wanted to buy glass knobs (for a shabby chic look) but, they were over $5 each and I need 8 of them. I chose some silver ones instead that kind of remind me of old buttons. I think it will look nice once it is completed. Ok, trying to stay busy did not keep me from eating the ice cream!! my plan did not work!! On Monday I ate quite a bit of ice cream in the afternoon...I felt guilty so I stripped and sanded the dresser and then mowed the back yard...I was really tired and achey that night. My hope was that the activity countered the ice cream consumption...but I'm not sure it did!
Well, I am off to check on the stain and rake some too.

Friday, May 04, 2007

The day finally came for Catherine to have her first hair cut!! She has been soo excited about this day for a long time. I don't have a before picture b/c I put her hair in braids so it didn't take long to comb her hair out today at the salon. Here is the took 3 hours...can you believe it 3 hours?! She did such a great job and was very patient with the whole process.

This is the beginning as Marisha combed through her hair.

Now, that is a lot of hair...does anyone remember the old Saturday Night live skits with Roseanna Roseanna-dana?
the next step is the application of the relaxer. This product is not damaging to her hair at all. I got great tips on what products to put on her hair...of course I have been using the wrong stuff!
Under the dryer she goes. This was probably the hardest part but she didn't complain or whine at all. Her cheeks and ears sure did get rosy. She spent the time playing with her new Minnesota moose!
finally washing out the relaxer...this did hurt her neck (she just informed me) but she did just what Marisha asked of her.
After sitting under the dryer for a 2nd time this is how she looked...still pretty poofy!
I somehow neglected to get a picture of her hair being straightened. After the flat iron she had her hair cut. She cut off about 2-3 inches. The ends were very dry, that is why they were lighter than the rest of her hair. Look how long her hair is!!

And the final product!! How beautiful she is! She could not quit smiling at herself!!

Here is a rear view to show how long it is

Here we are with our new doos! I went darker with my hair color before we left for Minnesota. I really like it a lot. I asked the kids if I should go darker and Catherine said yeah, so you look like me! Isn't that so cute? Having her hair straight makes her feel like we look alike too, that has been an important thing to her lately!
Catherine's hair will stay straight until I wash it, I'll need to touch it up with the flat iron especially on humid days like today. Once washed with better products (of course) her hair will have softer more relaxed curls that should be easier to work with.

Funny, she got her hair cut and now has longer hair!!