Thursday, August 30, 2007

The first day of school was last Wed.
Christopher was really excited to go back. He has gotten up on time all week and has done a good job getting ready. I think he thrives under the structure and challenge of school. He did a lot of reading this summer but was beat out by a girl in class for the top reading spot. I am excited to see what God will do in him this year. There are now 4 families from the "southside" that attend CHS, we have a good car-pooling schedule and I only have to drive 4 times in a week. That is wonderful since it is a 20 minute drive. I went to curriculum night this evening and was reminded again of the blessing that CHS is for us. I am looking forward to spending more time at the school, volunteering since I have more time to do so this year.
Ok, this was the 2nd day but, I liked the picture better than the one I took the day before! Muy guapo!
What a pose?!
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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Catherine!!
5 years ago today we met our little Catherine Grace.
Here is a brief description of her birth...
December 2001-We met with Glennis Woodall of Hannah House Maternity Home.
January 2002-We went to an adoption orientation meeting with the agency.
February 14, 2002-We received $6200 in the mail, with a note attached that read "Calixto, I feel the Lord wants you to have this"
May 2002-We had the infamous home study where the social worker's purse was stolen from her while standing on our porch!!
July 3, 2002-We finally received the phone call from the Lawyer telling me a birth mother had chosen us!!!!!!!!
July 4, 2002-We met with the birth mother where she told us this little baby girl was "our" daughter!!
August 15, 2002-Christopher meets with the birth mother to say "Thank you for giving me a baby sister". The next day we receive $4000 (in cash sitting in Calixto's unlocked truck!!) This gave us the full amount for the adoption!! Yay God!!
August 26, 2002-The birth mother calls with the news that Catherine will be born on August 29th
August 29, 2002-Our itty-bitty 3lb 12 oz baby girl was born at 1:30 pm.
8 days later at a whopping 4 lbs we left the hospital with our "Free gift from God"
She has an amazing and miraculous story...lots of details that I left out! It brings tears to my eyes as I think of what could have been...but, was not because God had other plans for her life! The adoption process was an amazing one and we are forever grateful to her birth mother for making such a sacrifice for a baby that she loved dearly! Thank you Denise!!
I only found this one digital photo on my computer (don't know where the rest are?!)
Just Born!
1 year old (couldn't find the birthday party pix...gonna have to do some searching)
Continued on the next post...
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2nd Birthday!
3rd Birthday (celebrated in NJ)
4th Birthday
The Big "5"
I am still amazed how God brought our "Cat" into our lives. We can't imagine life without her! She is so very loving, encouraging and sweet. She is busy and active, just full of life! What a blessing to be her mommy!
Happy 5th Birthday to our precious little girl!
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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Check out this site I found it as a link on my cousin's blog (he pastors a church in Nebraska). This site is for a 27 year old mother of 2 young girls who is completely incapacitated due to a lesion on her brain stem. I am sure this young family would appreciate our prayers.
What a blessing good health is...thank you Lord!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

We've sold 1/3 of our litter and 3 more people have contacted me via We went to the Walmart parking lot on Saturday, set up a canopy and waited for the buyers to flock in...several people did stop but not sales were made. We were informed that we could get a fine since it is against some city ordinance so we packed up and left. One couple followed us back home to look at Chessie and the Daddy, but they didn't make a decision and haven't called us so I guess their answer is not to buy. I feel so rejected when people don't want our puppies!! If we had a litter of chocolates I am sure we would have them all sold by now...we had lots of requests for our one, lone chocolate pup.
I finally found a dress! What a task this has been. Yesterday I drove to Tyler, since I was in Liberty City for a meeting. I thought for sure I'd find something at Macy's, I didn't so we headed to the Mall...where I found nothing, nothing, nothing...I was on the verge of tears! The kids were both with me and did a good job for the most part. Christopher had his Heelies on and loved skating in the mall. As a treat we stopped for ice cream at Braum's before leaving Tyler. When I got home I had to adjust my attitude and put the whole dress thing in perspective. I felt much better by the time Calixto came home. My emotions are here, there and everywhere lately!
After Rachael Hellmuth's wedding on Saturday we are heading to Glen Rose. We'll be gone for most of the week, I am so looking forward to just being away, nothing big....just away. Then, the next Wed Christopher starts school...oh my! We already bought school supplies and will shop for clothes at the Tanger Outlet on the way back from vacation. Luckily, there is a dress code at CHS which makes clothes shopping so much easier.
I went shopping at the old Walmart felt like coming home!! Silly, I know! I miss my deli counter friends...they asked where we'd been! So what if the new Walmart is closer, I feel more emotionally attached to the 4th street store!!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

An important question...Do you think it is ok, as a christian woman, to show some cleavage?

I went shopping the other day, looking for a dress...sounds easy right? Not so when you are concerned about modesty. (I'm talking modesty not burka wearing) I did find a beautiful, very comfortable dress...I love it BUT it shows a little too much. I brought it home to show Calixto, he loved it too but also thought it too revealing, so back to the store it goes. On one hand I would love to keep it, it is flattering and I feel pretty in it but on the other hand I want to be careful with my clothing. I don't want to bring the wrong sort of attention to myself or cause someone's thoughts to be lustful. I understand men are responsible for their own thoughts but I don't want to incite a man to think lustfully. (I say this knowing I am not the epitome of modesty, but I try to be careful with my clothing purchases.) As we visit churches it seems that modesty is unfortunately not an issue at all to some women. It seems that we as the church-who should reflect Christ-are reflecting the world instead. It is hard enough at my age to find appropriate clothing I can't imagine being a teen?! Ok, so it is back to the mall for "mission impossible"!
What are your thoughts?

Here are some good resources on the subject
"The Look: Does God really care what I wear?" Nancy Leigh DeMoss
"Becoming a woman of Discretion" Nancy Leigh DeMoss
"Christian Modesty and The Public Undressing of America" Jeff Pollard

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

ok, I need your opinions quickly...I bought this fabric to recover my dining room chairs...and now I'm not so sure I like it! Does this fabric look too clownish or too goofy? I liked it when I had a 2 inch strip as a sample, but when I see it larger...I don't know? What do you think? Is it totally ugly? Please tell me before I finish the other 7 chairs. Below is what the seats look like now.
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The summer of puppies and rain!!
I hear some thunder rolling in the distance...please no more rain today!! It really poured earlier this morning. We are just down to one area of roof leakage, the window in the office. The water comes in right from the window frame so we can't put a bucket under the drips. Obviously we haven't gotten that problem fixed yet.
We have sold 2 puppies and their new owners have taken them home already! Last night one couple called and asked if they could please come get "Stella" now, they were too excited to wait any longer. She hopped in her car at 7 and drove over from Shreveport. Both couples seem like wonderful people and took a lot of time picking out just the right pup, they both bought the black nosed females who are now Stella and Maggie! So we are down to 7 at the house but, only 6 left to sell, 5 if we decide to keep one. They are hyper this morning, running and tackling each other!
Calixto along with Coy Lothrop have been working on graphics for brochures, shirts etc. for "For the Fame of His Name" it is exciting to see some progress made on this new "mission". This week we also received a very nice donation to be used in Mexico from a new contact. Next weekend we will be in Glen Rose where Calixto will preach on missions and present the work in Mexico to the church body. The leadership has already decided to partner with us and will be the first church to adopt a mission in the Huasteca. Praise God!!
Since we'll be in Glen Rose we decided to take a few extra days off and vacation at the condo in Granbury. I am so ready for a few days away!
I think I am also ready for school to start...we need the schedule and routine of the fall! Not to mention cooler weather. For today though I am going to enjoy the laid back-ness of a rainy summer day!
Last week Catherine was praying in the car and in the middle she said "thank you that you are the faithful God, who keeps covenant and steadfast love with those who keep your commands..." That is form the first verse we learned this cool that she was able to put scripture into her prayer and it made sense!! I was amazed and got teary at that.