Wednesday, June 03, 2009


My mom and dad came down from Oklahoma for Thanksgiving. What is most memorable to me is that this was my first week off from work and I loved it! We started off the week with a soccer tournament in Lewisville and it was cold!! we stayed at a great hotel-our room was a suite and we had a blast!! After the tournament I drove to Okla. left the kids with my parents and headed home.

That week, I had a spot compression mammogram...ok, that hurts!! The regular mammo is ok, but the spot comopression...oh my!! I ahd the extra test because there was problem with my original test. Praise the Lord that everything was ok!!
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uncle lew said...

Hey look...Mom-Mom has brown hair LOL I do believe that is a thing of the past unless I get to feeling down and maybe....I wonder if the other grandkids will react to my grey hair like Cat and Christopher????