Monday, September 22, 2008

Well...I'm another year older! My kindergartners celebrated my birthday on Friday and I was overwhelmed with their gifts!! They were so very excited to give me their presents...they could hardly contain themselves! We had cupcakes at snacktime and I think they sang to me several times throughout the day! They are such blessings!!
My birthday was on Saturday so we went to IHOP for breakfast. My kids could not contain themselves from telling our waitress it was my birthday and so the entire wait staff sang to me and brought me a hot fudge sundae! I would have appreciated the ice cream if it weren't breakfast time...but the gesture was appreciated! Catherine certainly appreciated it! Later that day we went to Christopher's first soccer game. He played goalie for the entire game and they lost 0-1, hopefully they'll do better next week, they were very "off" their game. Since we were in Tyler, we decided to go to the East Texas fair. We had a fun evening together...Catherine deemed it the best day ever!!
I had a terrible headache all day, actually all weekend which was a bummer!
Ok, rest time is almost over...I have to get back to work. I have little time to read blogs and I really miss it...


Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday! Your class day sounded sweet.

Pauline said...

Happy belated birthday Brenda!!