Thursday, September 25, 2008

Soccer and the Fair

The girls...Cat and Kayleigh at the Christopher's soccer game. I never even try to get action shots of the game...they never turn out good. Another mom was taking pics with a nice camera and lense...I'm hoping she got some of him playing goalie.
After the game "talk" with the one was happy! They are a good team but, they were not playing very well that day! Maybe they were nervous for their 1st real game. They played much better when they scrimmaged boys a year older then them a few weeks ago! Hopefully, they will win this Saturday...go Titans!!
Here we are at the the convention center they had this petting zoo with Llamas, goats, a kangaroo-or that other animal like a kangaroo-I can't think of the name of it now. We really went inside because it was still so hot outside...once the sun went down it was a very pleasant evening.
We all went on the ferris wheel...I'll just pretend I don't know how much the tickets were for it b/c I would kick myself for going on it!! But, we all did enjoy the ride!

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Dana said...

ugh, ferris wheel rides are SO expensive. when we took my mom to the rodeo for her birthday we couldn't afford for us all to go on... so we just made it a special "treat" that sam, micah and annabelle got to take grandma :/