Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hurricane Ike

At 4pm on Saturday we lost our power. Calixto and Christopher were at church helping with the Spanish speaking evacuees, they came home around 5 since our power was out. By 6:30 the winds died down so we went for a drive to check out local damage. We ended up stopping at a Whataburger that had power. We were in the drive through line for 50 minutes!! 50 minutes!! I couldn't believe it...but, never have I tasted such a good burger in my life!! We were starving! Afterward, we came home and camped out on the living room floor, ate brownies and ice cream (before it melted) while we watched a movie on the laptop. The battery died before the end of the movie but we had a fun evening together. It didn't get too hot in the house until just before morning.

The whole next day I just cleaned the house, did lesson plans and picked up fallen sticks in the yard. The kids had a blast playing outside with our neighbors the entire day while Calixto went out to help church families with fallen trees. The weather was absolutely beautiful and we enjoyed the slow pace of the day. I wasn't able to drive anywhere since my car was locked in the garage. The day before I cleared out a space, pulled the car in and closed the "electric" door...not thinking that we don't have a door to walk through (it's an old garage!) so...lesson learned...leave one of the garage doors accessible to open w/o electricity!!
I was really hoping school would be cancelled the next day but, the school had power and so it wasn't cancelled! Our power came back on by 8:30 Sunday night and I was able to have everything ready for Monday!!
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