Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hurricane Ike damage

We only lost one tree-actually 3 trees in 1-in our empty lot on Jewell street. The 1st picture is looking toward Jewell street the tree snapped off the telephone pole bringing the transformer down on the ground. Incredibly it didn't take out our wooden fence, it just opened the gate!
Here is a view from the empty lot looking toward our house...
The trees are right next to the property line and look like they belong to the neighboring house...
Here you can see how the roots ripped up their concrete driveway...the house on the left of the picture had their electric wires/box torn away from the house. Their electric was restored on Tuesday I think. This didn't effect our electricity just the neighbors on that street. Thank the Lord it fell in the direction it did, if it fell the other way it would have completely destroyed the house just to the right!

Tornado, hail and now a hurricane...Anymore of this and we won't have any trees left!! We are grateful that we didn't have more damage than we did!! There are many people in Longview that had some pretty significant damage.
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