Friday, October 17, 2008

Our Southern Flying Squirrel

Here is our flying squirrel (or as I said as a child "squill"). Calixto rescued him from our cat who had brought him up to the porch to play with. Unfortunately he/she was hurt worse than we thought and she died the next night. She was the cutest thing!! We were all very sad when we woke up the next morning and found her dead! I understand they make great pets...wish I knew where the nest was...I'd go snatch another one!!

We've tried to rescue little critters only twice and both times they didn't make it...guess we aren't so good as rescuing critters!!
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Stephanie said...

Ted would be SO jealous!!!! :)

Dana said...

we rescued a baby squirrel during rita ( or katrina, i forget which one) and we were able to return it to it's home tree a day or two later... the thought never crossed our minds to keep it! bummer.